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Wholesale statement bracelet jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur

One of the most preferred jewellery item in the world of fashion jewellery is the statement jewellery. Statement jewellery designs are worn by women all over the world. These jewellery designs are different from the other forms of jewellery and each jewellery depicts a particular form of a statement. The name statement jewellery was kept because of each and every single one of the designs is unique and they speak for themselves. Most of the people in the country and all over the world prefer these statement jewellery for wearing them with both modern and traditional costumes.

There are a variety of statement jewellery designs available in the market and one of the most famous jewellery design available in the market is the designer's statement bracelet jewellery. After the invention of bracelets which was derived from the basic bangles, people started wearing them along with both modern and traditional costumes. These bracelets are available in a variety of metals from bronze to gold with various designs.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading statement bracelet jewellery manufacturer in the country who provides a variety of statement bracelet collections in their showroom. People from all over the world are attracted to our designs and hence we are the leading statement bracelet jewellery exporters in the country. With the help of our very own manufacturing unit, we provide multiple varieties of designs for our customers.

Bronze bracelets

One of the most important unique features in these statement Jewellery items is that they cannot be made by using machines. Each and every single jewellery piece is made by specialised handcrafted jewellery technique. Hence each and every single of these bracelets are unique and they are intricately designed. Artists all over the world create these varieties of statement jewellery as a form of an art rather than as a form of a beauty item. This jewellery item may cost a bit more than the other forms of fashion jewellery designs because they involve a lot of workmanship and hard work.

These bronze made bracelet designs are worn by women of all ages for both modern and traditional attire. These Jewellery items can be worn by women of all age groups. The bronze bracelets are available in two different forms Sometimes this statement Jewelleries are available in a simple form as a single strand or a single layer without much thickness. But most of the time the statement Jewellery items are made much bigger in size and hence they are most suitable for Grand occasions rather than simple occasions.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading statement bracelets jewellery distributor in the country and we have a wide range of collections in the statement jewellery section. We provide multiple number of designs in statement jewellery with different metals like bronze silver, gold, and copper. Most of our jewellery designs are unique and they are designed specifically by our designers. Along with this we also provide other services to our customers like providing customised designs for them based upon their requirements.

Bracelets with a story

Most of the statement jewellery designs have hidden meaning within them and there are a multiple number of bracelet designs that depict a story through the images carved in their designs. Sometimes the statement jewellery is also made in papers and other forms of objects like plastics and reason to create awareness for a story they are representing.

DWS Jewellery provides a variety of designs in these forms of statement jewellery designs and is the leading wholesale bracelets jewellery shop in the country. With the help of a manufacturing unit, we provide a variety of designs for our customers. Customers can also get customised designs or they can create their own designs with the help of our designers who excel in creating a new design within a short span of time.


Your words on gold

Another form of statement jewellery is where the words of the person are inscribed on it beautifully and made into a bracelet. These bracelets are used for expressing the person's thoughts, one person's love for another, etc… They can be provided as a form of gift to your valentine or your better half. These bracelets are a form of expression and they are famous all over the world. They are available for both men and women.

DWS Jewellery has its own set of statement jewellery collections. Being one of the leading producers of wholesale statement bracelets jewellery shop in the country we take immense care and concentration in designing our designs. Along with bracelets, we have a wide collection of other forms of statement jewellery designer jewellery like rings bangles dependence and other forms of statement designs. Next, to bracelets, our statement pendants and rings are the fastest moving items in our jewellery store. We are the wholesale statement bracelets jewellery suppliers in the country.

We also have our very own factory setup that allows us to repair most of the jewels that are damaged. To maintain the value of their sentimental jewellery people avoid remodeling they are damaged jewellery but we at DWS Jewellery remodel all the damaged jewellery items and provide their jewellery with proper design. People can also visit us at our online website and choose there most wanted jewellery design from the multiple number of choices available. People can also create their own jewellery design that can be easily customised. All they need to do is upload the year design on our website and place an order online. We at the jewelry will process your order and provide you the customise design you have ordered online through our website. From machine made jewellery designs to handcrafted jewellery design DWS Jewelry provides all types of customised jewellery for the satisfaction of our customers. All our customers prefer creating their own customised designs rather than choosing the designs available in the store. So visit us at our jewelry store in Jaipur, Rajasthan or visit our website at